Making Money with Affiliate Marketing In South Africa

In recent times most of us have come across some ads about making thousands or even millions online making investments on forex trading or some other means that seems almost too good to be true. And remember “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Most of the online trading and profiting methods displayed via ads that we see daily normally requires some kind of capital or cash deposited before profiting can occur. But what if I told you, you could make money from the comfort of your home and free time without capital or a business, what are your thoughts? Doesn’t that sound more feasible than having to risk any capital that might still return a loss? After all, you need to make money not because you want to, I mean, you have a job for that, but even with that income, it’s hard. In today’s economy, everything is expensive and overpriced, especially in South Africa. With today’s income you earn, it almost seems impossible to save. Today, I’m going to show you how you could make your own money from your home and your free time with guaranteed results using affiliate marketing. This is going to be worth your while and richly rewarding.

I have tried and tested the list myself and have achieved some good and great results from these. And you could do the same. The best part is you could achieve great earnings using your website or simply using your everyday email and social media or messaging. It’s that simple. And if you do not have a website, no need to worry, I will be putting up a post soon teaching you step by step how to set up your own website, anyone can do it, I am not kidding. It’s so easy it’s ridiculous anyone should be afraid of trying.

Here is the list of affiliate programmes that can prove really profitable for anyone:

  1. Bid or Buy

Bidorbuy is south Africa’s number one online marketplace for almost anything you need. BidorBuy also offers auctions for products you could win and pay ridiculously cheap saving loads of cash. You could earn handsomely from R40 per user to R100 per user. Imagine having at least 30 users on a month, that is a whopping R1200 for almost no effort at all.

With bidorbuy there are  numerous ways you could earn cash as an affiliate.

  1. A) Banner Ads
    Banner ads are squared or rectangle image based ads either static or dynamic. These are usually found on websites. But you could use them in your emails as your signature too. As long as they are not used against the terms of use of bidorbuy.
  2. B) Refferal Links
    Referral links are great for inviting friends to bidorbuy to make purchases or sell their goodies.
  3. C) Product Ads
    You could promote product sales on your website and for every purchase made you earn, that is if you the user has done so successfully in one purchase.

Best part of it all, if you selling goods be it new or used you could earn for the user sign ups and bidding as well as the sale of the product. Now that is truly multiple incomes for smart business. If you want to start making money with bidorbuy Click Here Now!

bidorbuy South Africa - Bid, Buy or Sell cameras, computers, diamonds, coins, cars & more on auction at cheap prices
  1. Travelstart

Travelstart has made quite a name for themselves as a startup progressing against competitors for travelling and accommodation bookings. They are definitely the best online booking platform. They too pay well for new users and bookings. You are eligible to earn commission from R90 up to R110 per booking on travelstart, that is nice, right?

With travelstart, there too is multiple ways of generating an income just like bidorbuy.

    1. A) Banner Ads
      These banner ads can be displayed on your website or emails too.
    2. B) Text Links
      Again, like Refferal Links from bidorbuy you can use text links to refer friends to make bookings online earning commission from all the bookings made through those links.
    3. C) API Integration
      If you a programmer and or can code somewhat the API integration is great. It is not hard if you can and know where to copy and paste some snippets of code.
To become an affiliate with Travelstart and start creating a passive income for yourself, Click Here Now!

3. Mantality

Mantality is one of South Africa’s most known fashion and cosmetics online store. They have made an impressive launch and progress in their market.
Now, this is the first time I am using mantality’s affiliate programme, and I won’t falsely promote the programme until I have reaped some results of the programme to share with you. I believe the commission for mantality is based on sales made online and compensated by a minimum 12% per sale within 90 days of having opened your links. Cool thing though, is that Mantality pays you R30.00 for each affiliate sign up you refer, on-top your commission earnings. I think that is cool, though. This is great for a website with thousands of traffic or someone who has lots of personal emails sent out per month.

Mantality too, like the other affiliate programmes mentioned, have various type of placements that can help with your income generation. However, mantality offers there affiliation through offerforge. Offerforge is an affiliate marketing platform for advertisers, agencies and publishers. In this case, you’d be the publisher. Think of offerforge as a middle man.

  1. A) Banner Ads
    Like the other programmes above they provide you with different banner sizes to best suit your website or email.
  2. B) Text Links
    Text links are simple text with hyperlinks consisting of your publisher ID that directs users to mantality to make purchases.
  3. C) Social Media
    If you are an avid social junkie then this would work best. This is capable through offerforge and the offerforge platform will guide you to how you can use social media to your advantage and make an income.
To register for Mantality Affiliate Programme, Click Here Now.

Affiliate marketing is and can as well be a very profitable means of generating an extra income for anyone. It is so simple, you’re losing out if you do not try it. Guaranteed. In fact, the sky is the limit. In my opinion, bidorbuy seems to be the most lucrative and rewarding programme. But it helps to do try all programmes out and see which programme works best for you.

To see how the programmes work or sign up for the programmes click on the links provided and test your way through the programmes after signing up. The beauty of it all, it’s FREE. No catch and no hidden fees for payout, what you earned is what you get, down to the last cent.

Share with us what are your thoughts and your experiences, we’d like to hear from you.

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Masood Bawa is an avid tech startup entrepreneur that is self taught in Design and Development in web technologies. Masood Bawa is the Founder and CEO of iamstein (a Social Learning and Collaborative Network). He believe in the success of the four C's : Create. Community. Collaborate. Communicate. These are the foundations that lays down his ideals of growth in business and startups. Masood also loves to be involved in the development of startup from seed to launch.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing In South Africa

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